Mountain Expedition

Mountain Expedition

The entire region of Ladakh enclosed by the Zanskar, Ladakh and Karakorum mountain ranges offers the mountaineer a number of challenging peaks. Especially the Suru and Zanskar valleys have an abundance of them within the Nun Kun massif and a number of other peaks. The Nun towering to 7135m was first climbed in 1913 and Kun at 7087m in 1953. There's also the Drang Drung glacier in the Zanskar range close to the Pensi La pass ringed by a number of magnificent peaks. Some of the other recognised peaks in the massif are the Bobank Peak - 5971m, Pinnacle - 6930m, White-Needle - 6420m, Z-1 - 6155m, D-41 - 5600m, Z-2 - Peak - 6152, besides a number of other unnamed peaks ranging from 5500m to 6509m. The Karakorum range north west of Ladakh has even higher peaks including the Saser Kangri II East 7518m, Plateau Peak 7287m, Saltoro Kangri II 7705m and the Apsaras II and III at 7200m.

The towering STOK KANGRI at 6153 / 20,1818ft, 'a must climb' for all avid mountaineers in the region is located off the Markha Valley Trail. Approached from Stok this graceful mountain dominates the landscape from a distance. Ideal for both amateurs and professional climbers the Stok Kangri Expedition takes a minimum of 4 days to attempt. The Stok Kangri a relatively easy mountain peak climb towers at 6250m / 20,506ft and is ideal for the amateur mountaineer and the seasoned trekker. Ice axes and crampons are essentials on this expedition. The trail winds through quaint villages giving you glimpses of the simple Ladakhi lifestyle. A few streams have to be crossed on this trail before you reach the base camp and start the attempt of this glorious peak.

Unique Adventures Ladakh Travels facilitates mountain expeditions by synchronising the ground logistics. Prior permission is required from the Government of India whose liaison agency is the Indian Mountaineering Foundation [IMF] who charge a booking fee according to the region and height of a particular peak. The best months for attempting expeditions are July, August, September and till the middle of October as this entire region falls in the rain shadow. The IMF will provide a Liaison Officer which is mandatory with each climbing team. Please note that you must book at least 4 months in advance as the processing tends to take time. You should also take care to mention all details as required by the IMF. Unique Adventures Ladakh Travels will assist in following up your application process and once completed will provide camp and climbing staff according your team's requirements.


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